Anime Characters With Bad Luck
Photo: Toei Animation, A-1 Pictures

There are some anime characters that were introduced the latest few decades who actually are lucky and have won their battles thanks to it, and some of the anime characters with amusingly bad luck who wind up continually battling with divertingly uncanny situations.

Some of the anime characters referred to are:

Yamcha – Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball’s Yamcha is one of the unluckiest anime characters of all time. He generally is by all accounts on a descending direction. He’s much of the time the objective of many jokes in the Dragon Ball Z fan-base in view of how famously godawful the man’s karma is. While the remainder of the Z Fighters became more grounded, Yamcha some way or another turned into the most fragile connection in the entire series.

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Obviously, he parted ways with Bulma then, at that point, tragically, kicked the bucket during a fight against the Saibamen.

Denki Kaminari – My Hero Academia

Photo: BONES

Denki Kaminari is positively not the most splendid understudy of Class 1-A in Kohei Horikoshi’s worldwide famous My Hero Academia series. Maybe for this reason he generally appears to be having bad luck. In all actuality, he never has any terrible goals, he’s extremely wild in his way to deal with life. He has a go at playing with young ladies frequently, however he’s not awesome at it.

Well, Denki likewise is not awesome at managing upsetting circumstances and can without much of a stretch be discounted as gutless. Since he will in general chase after Bakugo for not a really obvious explanation, he’s many times the objective of Bakugo’s boisterous attack only for being there.

Rin Okumura – Blue Exorcist

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The protagonist of the worldwide famous Blue Exorcist series Rin Okumura is an unlucky character as well. Even the anime’s first episode shows how unlucky he is, battling to work in a supermarket, thumping whole retires over, ruining things, and getting hollered at by his supervisor.

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At the point when Rin believed that he would have the option to keep his occupation since he dazzled his supervisor with his cooking abilities, a little monkey-like demon ruined the store, making Rin get terminated. Obviously, his unluckiness didn’t end there. He got gone after by a gathering moved by demons, and one of them showed him that Rin is Satan’s child.

Takemichi Hanagaki – Tokyo Revengers

Photo: Liden Films

Takemichi Hanagaki, who is the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers has an exceptional bad luck. In the amazing plan of the series, his whole job is awful in light of the fact that he’s compelled to travel once again into the past to save his girlfriend, then, at that point, he becomes involved with a lot of show between posses. He’s known to be a huge crybaby, so the way that he frequently ends up in such countless misfortunate circumstances turns out to be much more humorous.

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However a great deal of his setback has damaged him, a couple of episodes could simply be credited to terrible timing and being in some unacceptable spot.

Taizou Hasegawa – Gintama

Photo: Sunrise

The worldwide famous Gintama anime has many factors that makes it special and humorous and one of them is undoubtedly Taizou Hasegawa, where his bad luck is one of the great sources that makes the series funny.

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His adversities just appear to continue to heap onto top of one another. Taizou had a strong profession working in the government, however he got terminated. His wife would have rather not put increased with a jobless spouse, so she separated from him.

Taizou makes various endeavors to get another line of work and reunite with his wife. Tragically for him, nothing appears to work out.

Kamijou Touma – A Certain Magical Index

Photo: J.C. Staff

A Certain Magical Index’s main protagonist Kamijo Touma is a character known for his misfortune. Over the course of growing up, others viewed him as a curse due to the horrendous karma that his right hand makes for him and everybody around him. Along these lines, Kamijo procured the title of the God of Pestilence.

Well, the fierce power in his right hand is known as the Imagine Breaker, which blocks Kamijo from getting any gifts whatsoever. Individuals frequently fault Kamijo for their deficiencies. He was even gone after by an offbeat man who failed in light of the fact that he faulted Kamijo for everything awful that occurred.

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