It’s normal to end up wanting an especially decent arrangement to go on until the end of time. Becoming acquainted with those characters, finding out about their story, and, here and there, getting so engaged with their anecdotal lives can make it difficult to bid farewell when the opportunity arrives for the story to be wrapped up.

On the off chance that that is your case, dread not on the grounds that there is a great deal of unfathomable anime out there with just one-season that you can thoroughly marathon watch in a day or two and be left with a sentiment of unadulterated fulfillment that must be experienced when arriving at the finish of an especially decent story.

Death Note:

10 Must-Watch Anime That Have Only One Season

It truly has everything: virtuoso adolescents, demise divine beings, a note pad that murders whoever’s name is written in and the greatest skirmish of brains you will ever observe. Need more motivation to check out this? There are just 37 scenes of 20mins each. That is barely 12 hours altogether so you can make it your end of the week objective to marathon watch it.

Arpeggio Of Blue Steel:

10 Must-Watch Anime That Have Only One Season

This arrangement investigates the high oceans, yet not in privateer style like One Piece. Rather, this is a science fiction future where self-guiding warships are taking up arms against mankind: enter the Fog Fleet. These boats are dangerous and heartless, however, a couple of them are agreeing with humankind’s position. A great deal of cool maritime fights occur in only 12 scenes, and the benevolent warship Iona is a beguiling and exciting character who, in spite of appearing as though a guiltless student, is an overwhelming weapon of war.

No Game, No Life:

Here’s another anime about in-your-face gamers, however this time, they really end up in the game world. Meet Sora and Shiro, the relentless sibling/sister group who overwhelm any game they play, from RTS titles to chess. They end up in a realm where high-stakes games supplant wicked war, and they are tested by that world’s god to perceive how far they can get. Sora and Shiro state “challenge acknowledged!” and the genuine game before long starts.

Violet Evergarden:

10 Must-Watch Anime That Have Only One Season

this richly energized arrangement has only one season, however, it could remain to have another. In this slick and lovely steampunk world, an incredible war is slowing down, and young ladies known as Auto Memory Dolls are entrusted with composing ardent letters for their customers, without missing a solitary keystroke on their typewriters. The courageous woman is without a doubt Violet Evergarden, who lost both her arms in the field of the fight and now has metallic prosthetics. She needs to recuperate the world in each letter in turn. A portion of her customers are prepared to hold nothing back in those letters, and Violet must catch each self-contradicting word.


Satoru Fujinuma is a 29-year-old youngster with an apparently ordinary life, aside from his bizarre capacity to return in time. This capacity, which he calls ‘restoration’, isn’t one Satoru can control but instead one that is activated when he winds up on the area of a mishap. It’s a dim and wound anime that will snare you directly from the beginning!

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day:

10 Must-Watch Anime That Have Only One Season

In case you’re prepared to cry your eyes in light of the fact that Anohana packs a significant passionate punch that will hit you directly in the feels.

When Jintan is visited by the apparition of Memna, his beloved companion, he winds up attracted to his old gathering of companions with whom he since quite a while ago contacted years back. Like generally stories about growing up, one can hope to become joined to the characters before long and experience their good and bad times nearby them. Watching this as a grown-up will return you to your own time as an adolescent, drawing out the wistfulness factor that will cause you to feel significantly nearer to the story.

Yuri! On Ice:

The tribulations of professional Olympic skater Katsuki Yuri and his new Olympic champ mentor Victor shouldn’t be introduced any longer as it has been decided by numerous individuals as one among the best games anime all things considered. Yuri! On Ice merits, all the recognition it got, if just for its mind-boggling liveliness, structure, and soundtrack. Regardless of there just be one season this anime is unquestionably worth a watch.

Samurai Champloo:

A youthful server named Fuu sees her life flipped around when she one day ends up mishandled by a band of samurai lead by the town’s official’s child. She surprisingly gets the assistance of Mugen, a maverick who happened to be in the café. When Mugen and Jin are caught and condemned to death, Fuu cunningly liberates them and requests their assistance in finding a puzzle samurai as an installment of their obligation.

Cowboy Bebop:


There are many, numerous reasons why you should check out this work of art, beginning with the unbelievably differing and solid characters that cause the characters to feel genuine and the astonishing excellent liveliness for such an old anime. We can’t resist the urge to respect the narrating ability of the makers and their capacity to assemble such a solid, extraordinary, and grasping arrangement in not many scenes. Right now is an ideal opportunity to jump into this world!

Angel Beats!:

On the off chance that you want to give your heart to an anime and having it heartlessly stepped on, crushed into pieces and set ablaze then you should seriously think about beginning Angel Beats! The great beyond school setting is so one of a kind, yet right away feels extremely recognizable and it’s unimaginable not to cherish the characters who all have their own existence in the wake of death objectives and desire.