Cyberpunk 2077 anime

Prior to being made into a console and PC video game, Cyberpunk was initially a tabletop role-playing arrangement written and produced by Mike Pondsmith and distributed by R. Talsorian Games.

The subgenre of sci-fi and oppressed world has blast before, and anime is one type of media that had gotten different cycles of it from multiple points of view. From oldies like Ergo Proxy to more up to date anime, for example, Akudama Drive, they show that the cyberpunk subgenre is perfectly sufficiently healthy to intrigue expansive crowds. Furthermore, for fans of Cyberpunk 2077, these anime may make up for the shortfall after completely finishing the story crusade.


Texhnolyze is a cyberpunk and mental anime that dives into complex thoughts. The arrangement follows Ichise, a once-valued warrior who loses an exorbitant price after a squabble with a battle advertiser. Subsequently, he is found by Eriko Kamata, a researcher who uses him as a guinea pig for the prosthetics named “Texhnolyze” and saves him from death and starts to work for Oonishi, just as meet a little youngster named Ran who can see what’s to come.

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Imagine a scenario where mankind’s musings didn’t decide a wrongdoing yet a bio-mechanical PC that uses the psyches of asymptomatic cerebrums and the attitudes of others. That is the thing that the Dominator isーand it’s the obligation of the Inspectors and Enforcers outfitted with these hand-held weapons to shoot when said individual makes a threat to the overall population. Akane Tsunemori is a freshman Inspector who is under the watch of Shinya Kogami, and Enforcer who she should watch. In any case, when they go over criminal brains named Shogo Makishima, who can’t be decided by the Sibyl System and Dominator, they should sort out who to stop his wrongdoings and decide whether the situation is really the correct method to pass judgment on good and bad.

Serial Experiments Lain:

Sequential Experiments Lain is one of the soonest cyberpunk anime to make a big appearance in 1998, as it is likewise a test anime. Despite the fact that it doesn’t appear to be as trippy as another arrangement at its base, it logically unpeels the layers to get extraordinary compared to other mental anime to look for aficionados of the class and subgenre. The arrangement centers around a little youngster named Lain Iwakura, who is least demanding to depict as a clear sheet. As the arrangement advances, she finds who and what sort of individual she is. The story likewise centers around different subjects, for example, reality and character through cyberpunk and PC history topics.

Battle Angel Alita – OVA:

Also called Gunm in Japanese, Battle Angel Alita is a cyberpunk manga arrangement composed and showed by Yukito Kishiro. In spite of the arrangement having a film made in 2019, anime fans can likewise watch the 1993 2-section OVA arrangement. The arrangement follows an amnesiac cyborg named Alita or Gally in the first Japanese adaptation who is found in a landfill by Daisuke Ido, an abundance tracker who ends up knowing a great deal about artificial intelligence. Despite the fact that the arrangement follows different characters other than Alita, the primary plot is her battle to recuperate her recollections while doing the one thing she realizes how to do best battle.

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This 2006 film might be named after the flavor, however it will presumably take fans on a thrill ride and cyberpunk trip simultaneously. The arrangement follows a young lady named Doctor Atsuko Chiba, a specialist, and scientist who uses the alias to enter her customers’ fantasies and help them with a DC Mini gadget made by the Institute for Psychiatric Research. Notwithstanding, due to it being a model, the DC Mini can permit anybody to enter the fantasies of an individual, which brings forth some to take and play with others’ fantasies.

Akudama Drive:

Akudama Drive was co-made by Pierrot and Too Kyo Games, the last being a computer game engineer found by ex-representatives of Spike Chunsoft especially, the Danganronpa essayist, Kazutaka Kodaka initially drafted the arrangement. This arrangement is set in a tragic future in Kansai and follows seven characters known as the “Akudama, “with the primary lady going from an Ordinary Person to a Swindler subsequent to being captured for not paying for her food. Subsequently, she and the six Akudama Courier, Brawler, Hacker, Doctor, Hoodlum, and Cutthroatーare set to acknowledge something important to invade the Shinkansen while evading the Executioners from the Kansai Police who were shipped off slaughter them.


Fault might be new to Netflix watchers, however this arrangement depends on a similar name’s 1998 manga arrangement. It additionally has a 6-section OVA arrangement dependent on the manga for the individuals who don’t wish to watch the Netflix adaption of the story. The arrangement centers around Killy, a sweetheart who can use an amazing weapon called the Gravitational Beam Emitter, who is entrusted with finding a human in the 32-AU Megastructure. He meets different individuals all through his journey, including Cibo, a specialist, Sanakan, a young lady, and that’s just the beginning.

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Ergo Proxy:

Hence Proxy happens in a dystopian future where people and androids named AutoReiv live respectively in peaceーuntil that all breaks when an infection taints said androids makes them submit aimless homicides and become mindful. To prevent this from heightening any further, Inspector Re-L Mayer is appointed to prevent them from doing any further damage with her AutoReiv accomplice, Iggy. Nonetheless, not all things are as it appears, and a more extensive plot comes to all through the arrangement that addresses the androids and the people’s mankind.

Ghost In The Shell:

Phantom in the Shell is the ideal cyberpunk media establishment by Masamune Shirow that follows Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg who got into a mishap as a youngster. It has gotten different motion pictures, OVAs, and light books, so enthusiasts of Cyberpunk 2077 and the first tabletop game would most likely be comfortable with the decisions. In spite of the fact that there are different spots to pick where to begin getting into the arrangement, the agreement among fans has been the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex that ran from October 1, 2002, to January 8, 2005. In the event that not the arrangement, at that point the films alone would be sufficient for the individuals who don’t wish to watch 52 episodes.


Akira is an exceptionally acclaimed dystopian cyberpunk activity film delivered in 1988 and still holds impact over numerous arrangements right up ’til the present time, including Cyberpunk 2077 and the first tabletop game. Notwithstanding the film’s date previously passing, the arrangement is set in a tragic 2019. The film follows Shotaro Kaneda, the biker posse pioneer, and his beloved companion Tetsuo Shima who gains supernatural capacities after he is engaged with a bike mishap. That is not allーthe film likewise includes a disobedience to a military complex and the mayhem happening in Neo-Tokyo.

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